My Top Ten Movies of 2016

While it’s a year most of us would rather forget; artistically, some amazing things happened.

10. 13th

9. Captain America: Civil War

8. Arrival

7. Fences

6. O.J.: Made in America

O.J.: Made in America basically makes the case that the great irony of the trial was that the verdict was payback for decades of police brutality against African Americans in Los Angeles, but it benefited a member of their community who, up until then, wanted nothing to do with their community.

5. Zootopia

This film is, essentially, the exact opposite of Donald Trump.

4. Sing Street

3. Hell or High Water

2. Moonlight


Oh, and some of the best, most unexpected cinematography in recent memory.

1. Hidden Figures

Honorable mentions:



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David Dylan Thomas

Big fan of treating people like people. Author, Design for Cognitive Bias. Founder, CEO, David Dylan Thomas, LLC. Speaker, Lots of Places.